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“Usr/Share” Explained!

About a week ago i did a short video at the Ogden with a new friend about his live events that he runs for the Downtown Vegas community.

I have attended twice already and i really enjoyed meeting all the awesome people and the way he formatted the event.

the name of the events is called ”Usr/Share””

So what is Usr/Share? (here is a description i found about it on his website.)

An open source community gathering Usr/Share is an event and community of people passionate about improving and growing the downtown Vegas community, helping people groups and companies connect with the key people and resources they need most. The need for Usr/Share was discovered after seeing how, even after attending many Thursday night Vegas Jelly events, many people continue to not know what people, companies, projects, and resources exist in and around the Vegas Tech & Downtown LV communities.

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Usr/Share is designed to be the most valuable 2 hours of time anyone can spend in the DTLV community. After every Usr/Share event everyone in the room will:
1. Know everyone in the room, what they are working on, are passionate about, and looking for.
2. Have had the opportunity to give a 2-3 minute presentation.
3. Had the chance to have in-depth discussions on the topic that they are most passionate about with anyone else in the room.
4. Helped develop major community projects and move existing projects forward.

When is the Next Usr/Share Live Event?

6:30-8:30pm Tuesday Dec 18th, 2012

I will be attending and i hope to see you there!

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