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My Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Results! [Mexican-American Part 1]


I just got my DNA results from Ancestry.com and I want to share with you the results that make me who I am.

Before I took the test all i knew about my ethnicity was that parents are Mexican. My Mom from Mexicali and my father from Michoacan.

I heard rumors that I have some Native American from Arizona on my grandmothers side.

Watch my results here 4:20

DNA Results:
Africa 9%
-Mali 6%
-Senegal 1%
-Nigeria 1%
-Benin/Togo 1%
Native American 49%
Asia 1%
-Asia East 1%
Europe 38%
-Iberian Peninsula 14%
-Italy/Greece 11%
-European Jewish 5%
-Europe West 4%
-Great Britain 2%
-Europe East 1%
-Ireland 1%
Pacific Islander 1%
-Melanesia 1%
-Polynesia 1%
West Asia 2%
-Caucasus 2%