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About Me

About This Blog
Welcome to my digital home! I have many interests, and I want to share my thoughts and discoveries on a wide range of topics. My 3 primary areas of focus are the Tech Industry, Marketing, and Personal Development.


You can often find me writing about the following:

  • Self-Experimentation and Self-Tracking (Big fan of Quantified Self and Tim Ferriss)
  • Personal Development: Personality Types, Models of Psychology, and even Dating
  • Web Development: WordPress, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JSON, API’s, UX/UI and Open Source Projects
  • Customer Development, Customer Acquisition, Direct Response Marketing, and Lean Startup
  • Skill Acquisition, Learning and Ideas worth using.

Who I Am:

Hi there, my name is Christian Torres. I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV (originally from Pomona, CA), and am passionate about the quantified self Movement, Lean Startup, technology,  UX, productivity, direct response marketing, and psychology.

I am a lead generation specialist, marketing technologist and internet entrepreneur, helping business make more money with new and current customers. I am known as a leading expert in Internet Marketing for Local Business Owners and offer Local Reputation Marketing, LeadGen Services, Online Local Commercials, Video Marketing, Landing Page Conversion, and Call Tracking/VBX.

I utilize my skills and knowledge to help local and national businesses make more money with their online presence.

How I Help:

I help my clients track everything from click to conversion. It amazes me how many extremely successful companies haven’t connected the dots. Once you can see the whole picture, you can rapidly cut out all the extra marketing dollars that aren’t working, and use them to fund the pieces that are working.


Here is a video of me at #VegasTech event I organized